150 Arrested At Washington Antiwar Protest

Washington Anti-War Protest

WASHINGTON — Thousands of protesters marched Saturday from the White House to the Capitol to demand an end to the Iraq war, leading to the arrests of at least 150 people.

Many of the protesters were arrested without a struggle after they jumped over a barricade near the base of the Capitol. But some grew angry as police attempted to push them back using large black shields and a chemical spray. Protesters responded by throwing signs and chanting: “Shame on you.”

Before arriving at the Capitol lawn, the demonstrators marched on Pennsylvania Avenue holding banners and signs and saying, “What do we want? Troops out. When do we want it? Now.”

At the Capitol lawn, some protesters lay down with signs on top of their bodies to represent soldiers killed in Iraq.
(Source: CommonDreams.org)

The world is stirring. Mass antiwar protests this week in Germany and, now, on the lawn of the White House.

This also shows why parliamentary democracy isn’t true democracy: over two million Britons marched to stop Butcher Blair plunging this country into an illegal invasion of Iraq. Did he care? No. Our voices were ridiculed and marginalised, in the bourgeois media and the dinner parties of the ruling classes.

Four years later, the latest survey estimates over one million Iraqis dead. A grand adventure, a massive slaughter we were party to, urged on by Blair’s lies about WMDs being poised and ready. We were “45 minutes” from attack, he lied.

At the US antiwar protest, there was apparently a tiny counter-protest. This consisted of the usual neo-Nazi nutters, demanding that anti-war Americans leave the country. This moronic argument always amazes me: what gives these fools the right to claim America? Where is it written that you can only be an American if you’re a right-wing, homophobic, woman-hating, KKK-loving arsehole?

Here’s some of my favourite Americans:

The above are true, all-American heroes and heroines.

Just like the 150 Americans arrested for protesting against the insane evil of the Iraq occupation.

1.2 Million Killed In Iraq


A startling new household survey of Iraqis released last week claims as many as 1.2 million people may have died because of the conflict in Iraq – apparently lending weight to a 2006 survey in the Lancet that reported similarly high levels.

More than one million deaths were already being suggested by anti-war campaigners, but such high counts have consistently been rejected by US and UK officials. The estimates, extrapolated from a sample of 1,461 adults around the country, were collected by a British polling agency, ORB, which asked Iraqis how many people living in their household had died as a result of the violence rather than from natural causes.

Previous estimates, most prominently collected by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, reported in Lancet in October 2006, suggested almost half this number, 654,965, as a likely figure in a possible range of 390,000 to 940,000.

The Lancet survey was criticised by some experts and rubbished by George Bush and British officials. In private, however, the Ministry of Defence’s chief scientific adviser Sir Roy Anderson described it as ‘close to best practice’.

(Source: The Observer)

I’m sickened by this new survey. But not surprised. After all, the Lancet study, the only scientific appraisal of Iraq fatalities so far, reported 655,000 dead almost a year ago. And Iraq has hardly been a land of milk and honey since then, despite what Bush, Blair, Brown and the rest of the war criminals have been claiming.

There is nothing I can say about this evil. I know that money I’ve paid in taxes has gone towards killing innocent Iraqis. It makes me fucking sick.

I’m going to this:

October 8th Antiwar demo

This is the only option Britons have: we have to protest and protest and protest. We have to let the criminals in Parliament know that we haven’t forgotten their war crimes. We want to see them stand trial for those crimes.

If you feel powerless, if this latest survey makes you feel as sick and angry as I do, then go on this demo and show the government, show the world, that Britons wish to have no further part in this great evil.