White Town – Make The World Go Away Popvid

Yes! It’s 4.48am now and around forty minutes ago, I finished editing the first popvid I’ve made in… well, since the original 1990 White Town Super 8 grainfest.

On the plus side: non-linear edting is much easier than a razor blade and sellotape.

On the minus side: iMovie HD kept crashing about every four minutes so I had to keep saving every three or so. That was a pain in the arse!

I’m quie pleased with how it’s turned out. It’s obviously a bit rubbish as it’s the first time I’ve written and made a popvid with a story (the ‘Your Woman’-era ones were all by the godlike Mark Adcock) but hopefully I’ll get better with experience.

Thanks to Ash who gamely agreed to let me order him around, drive us about and scramble over rubble. He’s a trooper!

Have a click above to watch the vid! 😀



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