RIP Daniel Hansson

Daniel Hansson RIP

I just found out about Daniel’s death.

I never met Daniel but we exchanged emails about MIDI, quantisation, timing – the usual geeky stuff that electronic music types love to talk about. He was always unfailingly polite, helpful and friendly. He even offered to give me a tour of the Elektron facility the next time I was playing in Gothenburg. I wish I’d taken him up on that last year.

Daniel Hansson is an example of how one person can reach out and positively affect myriad others’ lives. If Elektron hadn’t invented the Monomachine, I would never have come to this realisation. I might be still stuck in a musical rut, wondering why nothing felt as good as it used to and wasting money on plugin after plugin, vainly attempting to re-capture a lost feel.

And, of course, I’m not the only musician who loves the gear he helped create – I’m part of a legion of Elektron fanatics. Each of us has been touched and blessed by Daniel’s creativity.

You’ll be sorely missed, Daniel.