Suburban Kids With Biblical Names On 120 Minutes

Suburban Kids With Biblical Names

I’m sooo happy! I taped 120 Minutes and the video for ‘Loop Duplicate My Heart’ turned up amidst all the post-Bright Eyes / Bobcat Goldthwait yodelling bands and “challenging” soundscapes. Yes, as a fantastic pop song, it stuck out like a sore bastard thumb.

The vid is on telly now because their amazing album, ‘3,’ is finally seeing a proper UK release. If you’re a regular Groinker, you may remember it was my 2005 Album Of The Year. I won’t go on about it again now, just pop and have a read about it in that best-of. (Better late than never, eh? If they maintain this cutting-edge playlisting, I look forward to MTV getting into Cats On Fire sometime around 2009…)

Hopefully, this new exposure will mean that SKWBN will become as famous as The Arcade Fire, buy themselves gold-plated bikes and spend all day cycling round, laughing shrilly and hurling their poop at bystanders. They deserve that level of success: they write songs that could easily enthrall and entertain millions of people.

Oh, and look what arrived in the post the yesterday from Cosy Recordings:

Johan Hedberg

Yep, it’s Johan from SKWBN’s solo EP! Now, who wants to touch me? 🙂