Big Blue Playlist 4/8/07


Tonight’s best new track was ‘The World Is Theirs’ by The IRS. It’s the title track from their stunning debut album, out next month. This is prime hip hop, great beats coupled with killer lyrics about the real world (think Braintax rather than party rap). And they’re being themselves, South London lads, not pretending to be American. If you’re a fan of hip hop, I’d say this is an essential purchase this year. Get your pre-orders in now!

Saves The Day

The best old tune was ‘At Your Funeral’ by Saves The Day. Did it really come out more than half a decade ago? I’ve been listening to this album a lot lately, and I drive round at night wailing along to ‘At Your Funeral’ at the top of my voice. It’s simply an immensely catchy pop song.

Tonight, you heard:

The Twilight Sad – Cold Days From The Birdhouse
Example – What We Made
Miles Away – Brainwashed
Ascii.Disko – Black Summer
Yeah Yeah Noh – Bias Binding
The Presets – Are You The One?
Stephen Malkmus – The Hook
Access Immortal – Acc The Villain
The Sweptaways – Kalla Mig
Refused – Rather Be Dead
Milanese – Dead Man Walking
Sea Wolf – You’re A Wolf
Cable – Whisper Firing Line
Braintax – Syriana Style
The Narrator – Surfjew
Stars – Midnight Coward
A Hawk And A Hacksaw And The Hun Hangár Ensemble – Serbian Cocek
Audit – Phernie Funk (Circuit Breaker Mix)
The Seduction – This Statement Is False
Del tha Funkee Homosapien – Mistadobalina
Numero – Hit-Pop
La Casa Azul – Cambia Tu Vida
Circuit Breaker – Still Got The Funk-Dip
The Fiery Furnaces – Duplexes Of The Dead
Morphine – Buena
Blue Scholars – Back Home
Noisettes – Don’t Give Up
The Slits – I Heard It Through The Grapevine
Le Tigre – Let’s Run
Huggy Bear – Herjazz
Samsara – Outcast
Boom Bap Project – Dealing With All Of This (Ft. Peegee 13)
I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness – The Ghost
JME – Serious
Love Is All – Talk Talk Talk Talk
Funkola – What’s In A Name?
Bristols – Who Does She Think She Is?
Shellac – Squirrel Song
Urthboy – The Signal
The Blood Brothers – Set Fire To The Face On Fire
Bad Religion – American Jesus
Agent K – Black Haze
The Ventures – Secret Agent Man
The IRS – The World Is Theirs
The Fall of Troy – Problem!?
Saves the Day – At Your Funeral
Buffalo Daughter – New Rock
The Red Chord – Black Santa
All Girl Summer Fun Band – Later Operator
Lateef & Z-Trip – Listen To The Dj (Remix) (Feat. Soup)
Jeans Team – Oh Bauer
Lightning Bolt – Draculamountain
Belle and Sebastian – The State I Am In
Beirut – Elephant Gun
I Am The Ocean – Scribble Jack
The Upstarts – Got What It Takes
John Barry – Hit And Miss
Stars – Midnight Coward
Manchester Orchestra – Now That You’re Home
Gorilla Biscuits – Start Today
Bowerbirds – In Our Talons
Teenage Fanclub – Cells
Cat5 – Sexy
Brother Reade – Let’s Go
Sonic Youth – Sunday
Vapnet – Thoméegränd
Dilated Peoples – The Release Party
Big Black – He’s A Whore
Little Ones – Let Them Ring The Bells
The Sprites – Do It Yourself
Leonard Cohen – Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye