The Besties / A Smile And A Ribbon / The Deirdres

Last night (was it only last night…?), I went to see three more indie bands, as if the weekend hadn’t zonked me out enough already.

The Deirdres

I thought I might be a little jaded but luckily The Deirdres blew the cobwebs out of my ears with a marvellous set of simple (i.e., good) tunes, inventive percussion and lovely harmonies. Bits of them remind me of The Marine Girls and more obviously of a less goth Young Marble Giants. A less old man might perhaps think of Tilly And The Wall. You should see them as soon as possible, before they’re famous and get crippling drug habits and scurvy.

A Smile And A Ribbon

Next up were Swedie beat combo A Smile And A Ribbon. They do a shimmery, 1950s’-influenced take on sweet indiepop which in some ways negates the tweeness of the genre. The singer even apologised for having bitter songs and said there’d be some happy songs soon! Hey – don’t worry, goth twee songs are fine by me! I hope they do some songs about boyfriends dying in motorbike crashes soon…

The Besties

Headlining were US lovelies The Besties who surmounted major tech gripes with good humour, grace and some shocking revelations about Cyndi Lauper. Lesser bands would have crumbled into acrimony but it brought out the… er.. besty in The Besties. Their dual-keyboard and rocket guitar-propelled tunes just hummed along, airy and catchy but also, in places, very punky. Real punk, I mean, the aesthetic rather than the superficial genre stylings. If I had to compare them to any band to make you go and buy their stuff, it’d have to be The Modern Lovers. Or maybe early B52’s? They have that spirit, that joy and freedom.

So, not bad going, two international bands and one from Derby, brilliant music and a great night out all for a fiver! Click here to see the pics!