Indietracks Festival 2007

The gorgeous Swanwick Junction

One of the reasons I haven’t done a post for a while is that I spent the weekend at the Indietracks Festival.

And it was ace!

Cats On Fire

I saw loads of bands, varying from the twee-est twee through Mod to Krautrock synthpop. A few peeps I know have been moaning that it wasn’t a varied enough lineup but I disagree: if you went to Download or any of the big NME haircut indie festivals, there’d be far less diversity. There certainly wouldn’t be the same spirit as there was at Indietracks, one of genuine friendliness and inclusiveness. Of course, it’s only a baby festival at the moment, they’re probably all like that when they start. Maybe if it’s going in thirty years, it’ll be as industrialised and soulless as the rest of them.

Arthur & Martha

Sadly, I missed half of Sunday as Cats On Fire kipped over at mine on Saturday night and we talked far too late / early. Sunday was surreal as it was scorchingly sunny and I needed a dark room and a comfy bed.


The highlights of the festival for me were Cats On Fire, Arthur & Martha and Bearsuit. But there was no act I found totally boring or pointless, it’s just that those were the ones I connected with the most.

For a lineup with so many bands and so much imminence of chaos, everything seemed to go very smoothly. I was amazed times didn’t slip later through the day. It was also lovely just wandering around the site, the Midland Railway Centre. But I missed the llama! Waah!

See you there next year, mofos!

(Click here for a gallery of the event)