US Government Sued By War Veterans

Veterans Sue US Government

A coalition of US military veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is suing the US government.

The class-action lawsuit on behalf of hundreds of thousands of veterans claims they have been denied disability pay and mental health treatment.

The legal case against the US Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) seeks widespread changes in the agency.

It says the DVA has deliberately cheated some traumatised war veterans out of benefits owed to them.
(Source: BBC News)

Behind all the bullshit jingoistic rhetoric lies this simple truth: the US government will happily send you off to die or be maimed in Iraq and Afghanistan but it won’t give a damn about you if you make it home. In fact, it’ll try to cheat you out of your due benefits.

Honestly, how bad must the situation be for veterans if they have to resort to bringing suit against the government?