De Menezes – “Two Years, No Justice”

de Menezes, murdered by the police

The second anniversary of the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes is to be marked by a ceremony on Sunday.

The Brazilian was shot dead at Stockwell Tube station on 22 July 2005 by police who had mistakenly identified him as a suicide bomber.

On Friday night an image of the Brazilian – accompanied by the words “Two Years, No Justice” – was beamed on to the side of the Houses of Parliament.
(Source: BBC News)

Of course, it might have helped if the Met hadn’t promoted one of the people responsible for de Menezes’ murder. But that’s British justice for you. Remember how they tried to cover up their crime:

Police officers are facing criminal charges over allegations that they tampered with evidence after shooting dead an innocent Brazilian at a London Underground station, The Independent on Sunday can reveal.

Police surveillance officers allegedly tried to disguise the fact that they had mistaken Mr de Menezes for Hussain Osman, the alleged terrorist being hunted for a failed suicide bombing on the Tube.
(Source: The Independent)

And this is the same Met that now wants to bring in internment: they want to be be able to arrest anyone with no evidence whatsoever and hold them for as long as they want, years if they feel like it. They need to do this because of the WAR ON TERROR! All of this is to save us from the evil terrorists who want to steal our freedom and murder us.

I suppose if the police steal our freedom and murder us like they did de Menezes, that at least cuts out the middle-man. It’s more efficient, innit?

Based on their recent track record, would you trust the British police?