De Menezes – “Two Years, No Justice”

de Menezes, murdered by the police

The second anniversary of the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes is to be marked by a ceremony on Sunday.

The Brazilian was shot dead at Stockwell Tube station on 22 July 2005 by police who had mistakenly identified him as a suicide bomber.

On Friday night an image of the Brazilian – accompanied by the words “Two Years, No Justice” – was beamed on to the side of the Houses of Parliament.
(Source: BBC News)

Of course, it might have helped if the Met hadn’t promoted one of the people responsible for de Menezes’ murder. But that’s British justice for you. Remember how they tried to cover up their crime:

Police officers are facing criminal charges over allegations that they tampered with evidence after shooting dead an innocent Brazilian at a London Underground station, The Independent on Sunday can reveal.

Police surveillance officers allegedly tried to disguise the fact that they had mistaken Mr de Menezes for Hussain Osman, the alleged terrorist being hunted for a failed suicide bombing on the Tube.
(Source: The Independent)

And this is the same Met that now wants to bring in internment: they want to be be able to arrest anyone with no evidence whatsoever and hold them for as long as they want, years if they feel like it. They need to do this because of the WAR ON TERROR! All of this is to save us from the evil terrorists who want to steal our freedom and murder us.

I suppose if the police steal our freedom and murder us like they did de Menezes, that at least cuts out the middle-man. It’s more efficient, innit?

Based on their recent track record, would you trust the British police?

Big Blue Playlist 21/7/07

Phew! I though it’d be dead tonight because of the crappy weather but it was actually quite busy for a bit. And I had loads of requests! Eagle-eyed readers may notice that I even played Au Revoir Simone twice tonight as it was a happy/sad special occasion.


The best new track tonight was ‘Finer Feelings’ by Spoon. It’s from their new album, ‘Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga,’ and it’s one of the finest pieces of guitar pop I’ve heard this year. I’ve played it every week since I started DJing again and it’s a real grower. Spoon have this knack of making tracks seem spacious and yet cramming loads of melodic, twiddly flourishes into them. Good to see a lovely album like their newie cracking the proper US charts!

The Emotions

The best old track was The Emotions‘ ‘Best Of My Love.’ I mean, come on – who doesn’t like this track? The beat, the melody, the lyrics, the harmonies, that “Owww” that De La Soul sampled… Pop perfection!

Tonight you heard:

Shinobu Tanaka, Kenta Nagata – Baby Park
Alaska y Los Pegamoides – El Hospital
OMC – Right On
Au Revoir Simone – Backyards Of Our Neighbours
Birdseye Beefburgers
Golden – It Ain’t Me
Loudon Wainwright III – Hitting You
Phoenix – Run Run Run
Saves the Day – Freakish
Coleco Music – She Appears To Be Offline
B-Tight – Zack! Zack! (Berlin)
Andrew Bird – Skin Is, My
Ulrich Schnauss – On My Own
Southerly – Soldiers
Copperpot – Demo (Feat Braintax)
The Shins – New Slang
Tomorrow’s World Theme
Sea Wolf – You’re A Wolf
Tigrics – Your Skirt, My Rhythms Seemed Like Future
Jonathan Richman – Fender Stratocaster
Akhenaton feat. La Fonky Family – Bad Boys De Marseille (Part 2)
Refused – Rather Be Dead
La Casa Azul – Cambia Tu Vida
Wes Montgomery – Four On Six
Ben Folds Five – Battle Of Who Could Care Less
Dyme Def – Getdown
Lusine – Still Frame (Lusine Remix)
I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness – The Ghost
Favorite – 16 Bars
Stray Cats – Runaway Boys
Matthew Rozeik – Five Easy Steps
The Emotions – Best Of My Love
The Fall of Troy – Ex-Creations
The Upstarts – Got What It Takes
mclusky – Rice Is Nice
Aberfeldy – Summer’s Gone
John Barry – Amicalement Votre (Theme)
Digitalism – Zdarlight
Spoon – Finer Feelings
Hieroglyphics – You Never Know (Domino Remix)
My Bloody Valentine – Sueisfine
Boards of Canada – Sequoia
The Blood Brothers – Vital Beach
Camera Obscura – Lloyd, I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken
Access Immortal – Acc The Villain
Motocade – State And Maine
Seven Ark – Sixteen
Holy Roman Empire – Action Figures
Cats on fire – Higher Grounds (New)
IAM – Revoir Un Printemps
Lamb of God – Purified
The Narrator – Surfjew
of Montreal – Gronlandic Edit
Milanese – So Malleable Cold Mix)
Converge – Black Cloud
Chester P – The Wickerman Theory
Roy Budd – Main Theme – Carter Takes A Train
Au Revoir Simone – Sad Song
The Mary Onettes – Void
OOO – Chakra Alignment
The Unicorns – Tuff Ghost
Henry Mancini – A Shot In The Dark
bis – Shack Up
Deerhoof – +81
I Am The Ocean – Scribble Jack
Louis Jordan – Choo-Choo-Ch’ Boogie
Dilated Peoples – The Platform
David Sugar – Sketch #1
The Delgados – Everybody Come Down
Minor Threat – Filler
Biffy Clyro – Saturday Superhouse
Venetian Snares – Masodik Galamb (Pigeon)
Yo La Tengo – Speeding Motorcycle
De La Soul – Eye Know [The Know It All Mix] Mr. 76ix – Sex Myself
Brian Eno – Needles In The Camel’s Eye
The Boo Radleys – Lazarus
Echo & the Bunnymen – The Killing Moon
Randy Newman – Ragtime