Flying Ant Day!

Laydeez and genitals, may I present the world’s first LOLANT (as far as I’m aware)

Today is…


Flying Ant Day is an informal term for a day on which queen ants emerge from the nest to begin their nuptial flight. In most species, the male ants also fly alongside them, although they are smaller and less noticeable. The queens fly for a while – sometimes being dispersed very long distances, and sometimes going only a few metres – then mate, and drop to the ground where they lose their wings, and attempt to start a colony.
(Source: Wikipedia)

So keep your windows shut and make sure you don’t walk round with your mouth hanging open. Or you may end up as an ant colony. 😀

Click the pic above for a few choice hymenoptera. Or here to see what was going on at last year’s Flying Ant Day.

Hmmm… they’re only three days later than last year. They must have marked it on their tiny ant calendars.

They’re getting haplodiploid on your asses!