US Kills 300 Iraqis A Day

Iraqis Welcome Their US Friends

A state-of-the-art research study published in October 12, 2006 issue of The Lancet (the most prestigious British medical journal) concluded that — as of a year ago — 600,000 Iraqis had died violently due to the war in Iraq. That is, the Iraqi death rate for the first 39 months of the war was just about 15,000 per month.

That wasn’t the worst of it, because the death rate was increasing precipitously, and during the first half of 2006 the monthly rate was approximately 30,000 per month, a rate that no doubt has increased further during the ferocious fighting associated with the current American surge.

The U.S. and British governments quickly dismissed these results as “methodologically flawed,” even though the researchers used standard procedures for measuring mortality in war and disaster zones.

Reputable researchers have accepted the Lancet study’s results as valid with virtually no dissent. Juan Cole, the most visible American Middle East scholar, summarized it in a particularly vivid comment: “the US misadventure in Iraq is responsible [in a little over three years] for setting off the killing of twice as many civilians as Saddam managed to polish off in 25 years.”
(Source: AlterNet)

One of the top new stories yesterday on the BBC site was about the danger of salty sandwiches.

Meanwhile, the military occupiers of Iraq are killing 300+ civilians a day. But that’s not newsworthy. Nope.

Please read this bit carefully:

These shocking statistics are made all the more horrific when we realize that among the 600,000 or so victims of Iraqi war violence, the largest portion have been killed by the American military, not by carbombings or death squads, or violent criminals — or even all these groups combined.
(Source: AlterNet)

NOT “insurgents” NOT “sectarian clashes.”

The military occupiers. As Juan Cole said, “the US misadventure in Iraq is responsible [in a little over three years] for setting off the killing of twice as many civilians as Saddam managed to polish off in 25 years.”

That’s pretty good going. I mean, Hussein was a despot, a tyrant, a mass-murderer and a war criminal. All those are undeniable facts. The man was evil, a true horror. A vile, human-shaped cancer.

So, if Bush and Blair have outdone him in bloody murder, what does that make them?

Oh, I forgot. It makes them brave saints! When our side kills Iraqis, that’s for their own good. Regrettable, but necessary. (And it’s definitely not about oil, keep quiet you blabbermouth Aussies.) When Hussein killed Iraqis, that was a hideous, unspeakable crime! Can’t you see how it works? It’s very simple.

Only an idiot can’t get with this program.

So let’s keep ignoring the people we’re killing, let’s not mention it on our news. Let’s keep being mystified why so many people in the world apparently hate Britain and the US. After all, if your family had just been murdered by foreign invaders who then proceeded to steal your oil, you’d be perfectly happy with that, wouldn’t you? You wouldn’t lift a finger against them, would you?

We have a new Prime Minister. This new leader needs to separate Britain from the US, he needs to acknowledge the terrible things we’ve been party to in Iraq. We need to stop all the bloodshed, on all sides. We throw bombs, they throw bombs…

The world is far too small for this. And it’s not getting any bigger. It may seem like a futile dream in the heat of this ghastly, bloody war but peace is the only answer. Peace is the dream which we must never let our leaders crush.