Burgerman Mural Done!

Click above to see some colouring in from Saturday…

And click Mr. Burgerman himself above to see a few pics from the last day, Sunday. I’ve also added a stitched panorama of the whole mural. You can’t really see much detail in the Flickr version but the finished pic was 30,000+ pixels wide so I haven’t uploaded that.

It’s there, though, as a record of the finished artwork.

Apparently, the mural is going to be left up, unprotected, until September. This seems a tad barmy to me: if you’ve paid an internationally-renowned artist to make some artwork, surely bunging a perspex box over the top of it wouldn’t be that un-warranted an expense?

It was wonderful being a small part of the creation of the mural, I had a lovely time colouring in my bit of sky and some orange. Derby city centre is currently a pretty horrible place to visit: endless roadworks, torn-up pavement everywhere and, hovering above all the chaos, the Evil Box of the new cinema, glowering at the citizens.

Jon’s mural was (and is) a little ray of sunshine in that leaden pall. Something positive and creative that brought a lot of ordinary Derby people together.

Can we have more of that and less of the fugly boxes, please?