Toot The Wonderdoggy

Laura was gracious enough to keep me company today while my car was being serviced. As we were wandering down Sadler Gate she said,

“Oh, oh! You’ve got to see this little pug that sits in the window of a shop! It’s AMAZING!”

So we trooped up to Green Lane and in the doorway was a fantastic little dog, not a pug (actually a French bulldog) but still amazing. The shop is Hello Darling!, a new sex boutique that’s trying to be different from the normal pleasure palaces. We got chatting to Mel, Toot’s human, and she was very friendly and told us all about him (and the shop, of course!)

So, if you’re in the area, pop in and say hello to Toot and Mel and perhaps purchase a little something that’ll keep the tiny terror in dog biccies. 😀

Oh, and click the pic above to see more of Toot!