Day: June 8, 2007

  • Toot The Wonderdoggy

    Laura was gracious enough to keep me company today while my car was being serviced. As we were wandering down Sadler Gate she said, “Oh, oh! You’ve got to see this little pug that sits in the window of a shop! It’s AMAZING!” So we trooped up to Green Lane and in the doorway was…

  • Burgerman 5

    Burgerman 5 – Lozzer’s Revenge! Click the pic!

  • Burgerman 4

    The colouring-in started today on the Jon Burgerman mural. I popped down and got some pics and I coloured in a vast swathe of sky too. Well, okay, it wasn’t that big but it made my arm ache loads! It was great to see folks really getting into it, kids, pensioners – everyone was having…