Essential Vidcasts

Here’s some more progs that are essential if you’ve got an Apple TV or if you don’t mind squinting at podcasts on your computer:

The Merlin Show
The Merlin Show
I’ve got hooked on Mann’s warm, easy interviewing style and the playfulness of his questions. This is a bloke who wouldn’t be out of place as a prime-time chatshow host but, the world being what it is, primetime is taken up with Celebrity Organ Transplant.

My fave eps so far have been with John Roderick, a musician you may know from his work with Death Cab For Cutie, Nada Surf, the Decemberists or his own band, The Long Winters. It’s these episodes that gave us the classic line:

“I don’t think that Ben Affleck’s hair is a crime against humanity but…”

Recommended for geeks and particularly for musicians, there’s a lot of good info here.

Mobuzz is more bite-sized, each ep is around five minutes. In that space, Karina Stenquist (or Iria Gallardo if you’re watching the Spanish version) guides the viewer through the geekier news items of the day. In the past few days, I’ve heard about dark matter, synthetic blood, mobile Ubuntu… well, you get the drift. Geektastic.

And that brings me glidingly to my last pick:



As you can see, it’s presented by two geezers called Robert Heron and Patrick Norton, both uber-geeks, both laconically silly. Now, I warn you, this show is extremely geeky. If you’re the kind of person who likes seeing features on the availability of AGP cards in the PCI age or the best caddy for an ESATA drive, this show is for you. If you’re now going ‘whuh?’ then you can safely avoid it. I love it! I only wish I’d seen some of the older eps before some recent purchases I’ve made, that could have saved me a shitload of money.

And that wraps up the vidcast picks for today. I’ll probably have some more soon as I seem to be be watching more and more IPTV and less old telly.

Wake up, old media world, your audience is waving goodbye!