AACS Cracked Again

AACS Key Cracked again...

Remember all the hoo-haa recently about the AACS DRM being cracked? And how the posting of the secret key a gzillion times on the net caused AACS to revoke that key and issue a new one?

Well, guess what – that one’s been cracked too!

In a way, I support DRM since I have my music on iTunes. But as soon as Apple give me the option of removing it, I will do. I have no problem with people sharing my music, they’re promoting it! Now, if they start to charge for that sharing (and don’t give me any money), I see that as piracy.

DRM on films is basically pointless. The real pirates will bypass it and the only people it will annoy and irritate will be legitimate users wanting to back-up their discs or perhaps rip them to watch on Apple TV / laptop / iPod.

This raises the question: what will AACS-LA do now? Key revocation doesn’t work. Suing the Internet doesn’t work. DRM doesn’t work (this DRM took years and cost millions, it was broken in days, for free, by hobbyists). Pirates who download movies don’t ever see DRM. Honest customers who buy media are the only people who ever get restricted by it — and it’s clear that a lot of people aren’t willing to pay money for movies that are less useful than the pirate versions they can get for free
(Source: Boing Boing)

Thank god CDs aren’t routinely copy protected, though I’m sure I read somewhere recently that some new nutjobs want to implement that too….

Imagine a future where all the DRM-ed media will be unreadable because of obsolete readers or timed-out keys. It’ll be a cultural black hole. And future citizens will wonder why we deliberately produced defective products!

DRM must go.