US Marine Shot Unarmed Iraqis

Haditha Massacre

A US Marine who led the unit accused of killing 24 Iraqi civilians in Haditha shot five men as they stood with their hands in the air, another marine said.

Staff Sgt Frank Wuterich then told his comrades to lie about it and blame the Iraqi army, a court heard on Wednesday.
(Source: BBC News)

Does this kind of base brutality from the US military even surprise anyone any more?

As much as the Haditha Massacre will be dismissed, yet again, as a ‘few bad apples,’ surely the truth is of a violent, rapacious occupation in which Iraqis are deprived of all human rights by an occupying force which sees them as less than animals.

Witness the murder of these five unarmed civilians: Wuterich shot them dead. Then another soldier “sprayed” the bodies with more bullets. And then, Wuterich went round and shot them all in the head again.

That isn’t caution. That’s hatred. That’s the hatred Nazis had for Jews.

Of course, the soldier testifying tries to justify their hatred, citing the death of a comrade. So, in the course of the illegal occupation of a foreign country, committing what the Nuremberg Tribunal called a war crime, their comrade was killed. So, vengeance must be taken on unarmed Iraqi civilians. “We illegally invaded your country to steal your oil, how dare you shoot at us!” Yes, that makes perfect sense.

People look at footage of concentration camps and wonder how those German soldiers could have committed such atrocities. How did the world let them get away with it?

Well, look at Iraq now. Torture and murder are being carried out everyday against innocent civilians by an occupying army.

And the world doesn’t do a damned thing.

Meanwhile, apparently a war criminal called Tony Blair left office this week.