The Green Car I Want

Tesla Car

Mmmm…. who wouldn’t want an electric car that can do 0 – 60mph in four seconds?

The Tesla Roadster is manufactured by Tesla Motors (no actual connection to the famous Tesla, as far as I can see) and their plan is to use the expertise they gain from the high-performance car on less expensive follow ups.

That’s the same model as old-school manufacturers use, testing new tech to the breaking point on race and rally circuits and then, eventually, filtering what survives into your bog-standard family car.

So, as exciting as this car is (and I do want one!), I’m even more interested in the “normal” cars Tesla will release. We all know the oil is running out, we all know that, eventually, our cars will whirr and hum rather than purr and thrum, maybe Tesla will be one of the companies that will help that transition?