Friendster No More

Friendster Cancelled

After increasing spam, horrible, horrible adverts and other shiteness, I’ve just cancelled my Friendster account.

It was the first social networking thingy I joined, aaages ago and it’s sad to see how unusably bad it’s become. In between, sites like Everyones Connected, Virb and Imeem have come and gone. I’ve left them all because of irritating ads or lack of other people using them (though I still use Imeem for video as it mangles uploads far less than YouTube).

Of course, MurdochSpace continues to roll on, the zombie juggernaut of social networking. No-one I know likes the MySpace design or features, yet everyone I know uses it. It wins by sheer size. It’s also become a homepage for people who can’t make homepages, the vanilla of web presences. Yuk.

So, let’s see how Facebook pans out. So far, so good. There’s people on there, there are great anti-nutter controls and the programming is a decade ahead of MySpace. Fingers crossed is doesn’t end up being yet another melange of hideous adverts and pointless popups.



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