InDigital Vidcast
The InDigital crew: Wil, Jessica, Hahn.

Look, I’m a bit late coming to the whole vodcast er.. video podcast umm, vidcast thing. Although they’ve been going for ages, I couldn’t be bothered with them until I got my fabulous AppleTV recently.

InDigital is yet another excellent prog from Revision3. It couldn’t be closer to my idea of geek heaven: they feature all the latest gadgets and emerging techs that I love to drool over, interviews with people at the forefront of all that hoo-haa and one of the presenters is Wil fucking Wheaton! YEAH! Wil fucking Wheaton!

I mean, come on! Not only is he a bona-fide D&D-playing, Linux-poking, geocaching nut, he was in ST: TNG! He’s an official Geek Master, a Yoda amongst geeks!

Years ago, I used to be on a forum Wil had. I left because loads of nutjob pro-war types turned up and they were more intent on trolling than discussion. It was a sad end as I met many cool people on that forum, some of whom I still know now. Ironically, Wheaton’s made very public anti-Iraq war statements himself.

So, basically, I’m a lazy Wheaton stalker: anything he’s doing, I’ll be keeping a beady eye on. I say lazy because, y’know, I’m not really that obsessed with the bloke, I just think he’s cool and, if he lived in Derby, I’d like to discuss the pitfalls of psychoacoustic encoding or MTBF stats or ‘Gödel, Escher, Bach’ with him. The kind of stuff that sends my actual friends glassy-eyed with boredom.

Wil is, of course, fantastic on InDigital. Light, breezy, funny. But that’s not to say the other two presenters are rubbish. Jessica Corbin has a precise, informative style that packs a lot of info in. I loved the bit where she’s reviewing exercise machines at CES – it takes a lot of dignity to report coherently and be gyrated wildly by a robot lover.

Hahn Choi (producer of InDigital) is also very, very cool. He goes the extra mile and, unlike a lot of geeks, he’s not afraid to share his mistakes. And his mistakes might help us save money. The tales of his TV and satnav woe will make any geek sniff in sympathy. Full marks for not praising everything that gets reviewed, that’s what puts me off a lot of gadget websites. Here’s Hahn with the new Canon 1D Mk3:

Hahn InDigital
Hahn with the sumptuous Canon 1D Mk3.

Above is the reason I’m watching more vidcasts and less “normal” television. I’m a photographer, I’m a geek. So, of course I’d love to see the new Canon on my telly, look at the size of it and hear what 10fps sounds like (bloody silly). However, I’m not going to get that on mainstream telly. If I want to see the stuff I’m interested in, I can only find that online in vidcasts like InDigital and Diggnation.

Even if you haven’t got an AppleTV or similar media wotsit, if you’re geeky, check out InDigital. You can subscribe to it in iTunes (just search for it) or you can download eps directly from the R3 website.

Just wait till you see the Tesla car… Vrooooooom! 😀