Disks Done!

(Unless you’re a computer geek, you’re going to find the following post very dull.)

Well, after recent hard drive woe, I’ve spent the last two days recovering as much data as possible and installing two new HDs.

One was in my Macbook Pro. This was a fiddly but relatively logical job. I nearly went wrong at the start when I hadn’t realised that you have to undo the two torx 6 screws hiding in the memory compartment. All the others (around twenty) are Phillips head – why the hell are these last two different? I’d started to prise up the top of the case and would have wrecked it if I hadn’t stopped and checked.

So… then I went online (as I should have done first!) and found a proper how-two. It’s for the 15″ but it’s nearly the same for the 17″ I have, there’s just an additional aluminium clippy thing I had to unscrew.

Installed the new HD (a 5,400rpm, 120gig Seagate Momentus, the same as the one which failed), put it all back together and then crossed my fingers and booted.


I hadn’t knackered my laptop and once I’d run Disk Utility, the new drive was formatted and working fine.


It’s terribly slow. Since the internal fell over, I’ve been booting off my external Firewire 800 disk.

And I’ve got used to its speed.

Now, running off the internal disk is damnably slow. Firefox takes four or five bounces to start whereas it’s around one running off my external. I also have huge iPhoto and iTunes libraries which take aeons to load off the internal 5,400rpm disk but snap into place with the external 7,200.

So, I’ve decided to use the internal as my backup and run off my external. Yep, pretty unorthodox but it works better for me! 🙂

After all that faffing around it was a piece of piss to shove a new 500gig SATA drive into my G5. Not even one screw to undo! Re-booted, it came up, I formatted it and then SuperDupered my boot drive onto it. Easy!

I was left with a feeling of smugness and some crapped-up disk drives. I didn’t want to let those gigs of lost data pass with no remembrance so I took them apart and then got a few pics of their deceased innards. Click the pic at the top of the post for the anatomy of a disk drive! 😀