Hard Drive Hell

Below is an email I sent to a mate explaining my recent insomnia:

As always, it’s basically my fault.

I bought an Elgato EyeTV to record freeview digi snippets onto my Macbook Pro (then ship them to my Apple TV). Installed it but when I clicked record, my HD made a noise like some giant cockroach and the comp froze.

And then it wouldn’t reboot.

So…. I fished out my backup FW HD (only 7 weeks out-of-date), booted off that and tried to run Disk Utility. Red text, baaad errors.

So…. I went online and bought Disk Warrior. Set it going. Three hours later… red text, baad errors.

While all this was going on, I decided to make a backup of my current working G5 HD. Started off SuperDuper (which has the best rep amongst Mac backup progs) and left it.

When I went back to check, it hadn’t copied. So… I ran Disk Utility on that disk and got:


Booted off my aged backup of *that* drive (so old it was 10.3.5). Tried to reboot off the *wrong* system disk and got this:

Ran Disk Warrior. Left it to check and then went back, around 4am.


I spent from 7pm till 5am in the morning wrestling with failing hard drives and didn’t get anywhere. The same last night. In fact, I didn’t get to sleep till 8am this morning, trying to salvage songs off the scrapped drive with Disk Warrior. This happened at one stage of madness:


If you search online, many peeps are having problems with the internal HDs on MB Pros. The prevailing theory is that it runs too hot and fries the drive prematurely. As for the G5, that’s had plenty of freezes and power-cuts and I didn’t check the HD after re-booting. I think hardware errors built-up, errors so bad that even Disk Warrior couldn’t fix them.

The laptop drive makes a sound like a plunger, there’s something seriously wrong there. I dunno if the same is true of the G5 drive but I don’t want to put any more important data on it.

So… I’ll have to buy two new internal HDs and perhaps a new external one or two as well.

Roll on flash drives…

Oh man… I’m soooo tired… 🙁

love and kisses,

And the moral is?