Want CS3? Pay £1000 More!

CS3 Ripoff

UK customers will have to pay hundreds of pounds more than their US counterparts for Adobe’s creative software, after the software supplier revealed the pricing for Creative Suite 3, launched on Tuesday.

Adobe’s most comprehensive package, the Master Collection, costs a whopping $2,499 in the US, which means it should be available in the UK for less than £1,300 at current exchange rates. But Adobe prices the Master Collection at £2,313.58 in the UK — a premium of over £1,000.

UK consumers are unable to buy software from Adobe’s US site, meaning they must pay the higher sterling prices.
(Source: CNET)

One thousand pounds more? One thousand?

Really, this is a pirates’ charter. Would you want to pay £1000 more for exactly the same product as you can buy in the US £1000 cheaper?


Sony Says: No More Demo Tapes, Ta!


Thinking of sending your band’s demo CD to a music label in the hope of landing a deal? Don’t try Sony BMG, which wants to sample your music online instead.

Sony BMG, the world’s second-biggest music company, said that starting today it would no longer accept hard copy formats.

Instead, budding musicians will be asked to sign up on a record label Web site such as www.columbiademos.co.uk or www.rcademos.co.uk to blog their music, photos and videos.
(Source: CNET)

Ahh, definitely a sign of the times!