655,000 – MoD Adviser Agreed

Iraq Slaughter
The “liberating” bombs of the US and UK forces – apparently completely harmless to Iraqis.

The British government was advised against publicly criticising a report estimating that 655,000 Iraqis had died due to the war, the BBC has learnt.

[…] the Ministry of Defence’s chief scientific adviser said the survey’s methods were “close to best practice” and the study design was “robust”.

Another expert agreed the method was “tried and tested”.
(Source: BBC News)

Please read the article, linked above.

Having read that, we can see that:

…a memo by the MoD’s Chief Scientific Adviser, Sir Roy Anderson, on 13 October, states: “The study design is robust and employs methods that are regarded as close to “best practice” in this area, given the difficulties of data collection and verification in the present circumstances in Iraq.”
(Source: BBC News)

So, at the same time as Blair was rubbishing the slaughter figures in the mainstream media, the Ministry of Defence’s own Chief Scientific Adviser was confirming their probable validity.

Remember, this was a peer-reviewed report, published in The Lancet. Nevertheless, both Bush and Blair delcared it faulty. Based on what? Their own scientific reports? Their own advisers? No.

Their denial of our slaughter in Iraq was based purely on political agenda. As much as Nazis deny the Holocaust, New Labour and US neocons deny our mass murder in Iraq.

So, we’ve helped kill 655,000 Iraqis. I know, even as I type this, that someone is sitting there, about to send me another bizarre email claiming that Iraqis are only killed in sectarian violence – cluster bombs and missile strikes apparently pass through them like a warm summer breeze. This is time for me to repeat the following:

I’ve had five separate emails lately, complaining that I’m exaggerating by attributing 655,000 Iraqi deaths to the invasion carried out by the US and UK.

This proves how the big lie our mass-media has been spinning has won. Obviously it’s a “fact” that most of these people were killed in sectarian violence. It’s common sense, isn’t it? After all, every day brings news of yet another hideous bombing.

So what about this report? :

The first scientific study of the human cost of the Iraq war suggests that at least 100,000 Iraqis have lost their lives since their country was invaded in March 2003.

More than half of those who died were women and children killed in air strikes, researchers say.
(Source: The Independent)

Hmmm… more than half? Isn’t that the majority killed by us?

And here’s another report:

Coalition troops and Iraqi security forces may be responsible for up to 60% of conflict-related civilian deaths in Iraq – far more than are killed by insurgents, confidential records obtained by the BBC’s Panorama programme reveal.
(Source: BBC News)

Hmmm? 60%, eh? That would be the majority of civilian deaths in Iraq.

Of those deaths, 60% – 2,041 civilians – were killed by the coalition and Iraqi security forces. A further 8,542 were wounded by them.
(Source: BBC News)

And that’s just in the official figures kept by the US-installed puppet regime!
(Source: Right Here)

Look, I know it’s not easy to accept that your country, the US or UK or any of the “liberating” nations, is guilty of mass-murder. I know it would be far more comfortable to believe that your taxes weren’t being spent on shredding innocent people. But even if you put your hands over your eyes and ears, those 655,000 Iraqis are still dead. According to the best scientific study, since the illegal invasion of Iraq, we have killed 2.5% of the population of Iraq.

They were killed by our rogue governments, our war criminal leaders. Then, those governments started and continue to maintain a highly successful propaganda campaign to hide their crimes.

Has it worked on you?