US Army Murders Afghan Civilians

More US killings

An incident described by US forces in Afghanistan as a “complex ambush” has left at least eight civilians dead.

US officials initially said 16 people had been killed. They did not explain the lower, revised death toll.

Thousands of local people took to the streets, accusing the Americans of deliberately firing on the civilians.

Mohammad Khan Katawazi, chief of Shinwar district, said the US troops treated everyone as a potential attacker even if they had no evidence.

One injured civilian, Tur Gul, told the Associated Press news agency: “They opened fire on everybody, the ones inside the vehicles and the ones on foot.”

Thousands of people gathered to demonstrate against the shooting, shouting “Death to America, Death to Karzai”, referring to the Afghan president, and blaming the US patrol for shooting passers-by.
(Source: BBC News)

Further to this previous rant, here’s the same shit in a different country. The US military killing innocent civilians and these deaths not mattering in any way whatsoever to the larger media world.

There will be no hand-wringing about the dark rise of terror, no concern in the corridors of Western power about “lack of stability” or “foreign interference” because the people carrying out these murders were US troops. When the US or UK forces kill civilians, that’s okay. When “insurgents” kill them, that’s bad.

Got it?