Dream Club


I’m currently going to Mosh Derby at the weekends and I have a great time there. But I can’t help but fantasise about what my dream club would be…

(wobbly wavy line effect)

Four floors:

Rock floor – stuff like Lamb of God, Converge, The Red Chord, Ed Gein, The Blood Brothers, God Forbid, Remembering Never, Pig Destroyer, Lard, 2nd Gen, Actarus.

Hip hop floor – stuff like AKIR, Skinnyman, Lupe Fiasco, Sweatshop Union, Reef the Lost Cauze, The Perceptionists, Rodney P, Sage Francis, Aceyalone, Cyne, Braintax.

Electronic floor – Autechre, Jeans Team, Spinform, Ulrich Schauss, Chris Clark, HEADPHONES, Ochre, Ellen Allien, Hrvatski, Venetian Snares, Frog Pocket, Like A Tim, Funkstörung.

Indie floor – The Format, Vapnet, Cats on fire, Neutral Milk Hotel, Voxtrot, Suburban Kids With Biblical Names, Billie the Vision & The Dancers, Deerhoof, Kante. (I’m afraid current NME haircut indie leaves me cold, so none of that Chas’n’Dave-on-guitars malarkey.)

There you go – four floors of heaven, for me. Maybe hell for you! Smile

Of course, the reason this could never happen is if the club played the stuff I like, there’d only be about three people dancing. Thus, it would shut down very, very rapidly… Barstaff sacked, DJs reduced to wanking-off rats in Soho for a living, tears all round.

This is the main problem – to keep a club going, you have to keep it full and the majority of punters happy, therefore you can’t go obscure enough to please the people who are very picky about their music.

But you can always dream… 😛

Now…. what would your Dream Club be? Hmmm?

Mosh Sat 17/2/07

Phew! The weekends are getting quite messy with two nights in a row at Mosh. Reminds me of when I was clubbing five nights a week years ago… I’d get in, fall asleep, wake and then shower all the dirt and cigarette stench off me before heading out again. Back then, it was the Blue Note and The Wherehouse that I’d alternate around, plus The Dial, of course. Strange to think that I’m back in The Wherehouse again now, albeit with a new name and considerable cleansing (er, the venue that is – I have the same name and am as grubby as ever).

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