CIA Murderer Sentenced

Abdul Wali
Abdul Wali, murdered by the CIA.

A former CIA contractor convicted of mistreating a detainee in Afghanistan who later died has been jailed for eight years and four months.

David Passaro, 40, the first US civilian to be charged with abusing a prisoner since the Iraq and Afghanistan wars began, was convicted last August.

Mr Wali, an Afghan farmer, had gone to the US authorities voluntarily to clear his name over a rocket attack.

Afghan prisoner Abdul Wali was beaten in June 2003 and died two days later.
(Source: BBC News)

Another shining entry in the USA’s “liberation” of Iraq. Yes, America can be proud of Passaro, the intrepid CIA operative who beat an innocent man to death. But maybe he was carried away, in the heat of the moment, defending the stars’n’stripes against this evil Islamist?


Passaro beat Abdul Wali for two consecutive nights, leading him to plead with prison guards to shoot him to end his suffering. Among other injuries, Wali suffered a suspected fractured pelvis that would have made it impossible for him to urinate. Passaro was also said to have kicked Abdul Wali in the groin in a football style kick that sent Wali in the air.
(Source: Wikipedia)

Thank God for the USA’s selfless campaign for the freedom of Iraqis, thank God for their “liberation” of Iraq from the cruel murderer Hussein. After all, under Hussein, Abdul Wali might have taken three days to die in horrible agony – the CIA shortened that to just two days.

And what does Passaro, the murdering, torturing fucking cunt have to say for himself? This:

Mr Passaro, who was convicted of felony assault, said: “He is a human being. I failed him. If I could go back and change things, it would have never happened. I wish I had never gone in to talk to him.”
(Source: BBC News)

Yes. He “failed him.” Kicking an unarmed man so hard as to break his pelvis, I’d call that a “failure.” Then beating him to death over two solid days, that’s also a “failure.”

What kind of monster treats another human like this? Why, a CIA “contractor.” Remember this, how the CIA truly behave, the next time you see neocon propaganda like ’24’ or ‘Threat Matrix’ on your telly.

Notice that Passaro’s sentence is felony assault. Not murder. Once again, despite damning eye-witness evidence, the USA shows how much it values Iraqi lives.