Archbishop: Britain Is Becoming A Police State

Archbishop Sentamu

The Archbishop of York has warned that the government’s anti-terror measures are in danger of moving Britain “close to a police state”.

Dr John Sentamu, who fled Uganda in the 1970s, criticised 90-day detention, and compared it to his home country under Idi Amin’s dictatorial regime.

The archbishop said: “If you detain people, you must have good enough reason for detaining them.”
(Source: BBC News)

Let me ask you a question: do you think it’s okay if you’re arrested and held without a single valid reason for three months? There’s no evidence against you, otherwise charges would have been brought. The police just don’t like the look of you. At one time, you would have been Irish in the wrong place at the wrong time. These days, you’d be a Muslim.

Blair’s New Labour tried to push through a law so you could be locked-up for ninety days. Fortunately, they were defeated in Parliament. But New Labour’s Tebbit, John Reid, is looking for a way to push through this draconian measure once again.

Sometimes I look around at the Britain I’m living in today and it seems like I’m in a bizarre alternate reality. When we were getting regularly bombed by the IRA every other week, we had more freedom than we do now, after only one major attack. Hell, there was more freedom in Britain when Nazis were dropping doodlebugs all over the place than there is now.

This government has used the spectre of terrorism to centralise and solidify its power. Whether it’s RFID passports, CCTV surveillance or the proposed identity cards, everyday it becomes a little more like we’re living in the Stalinist USSR.

The police need show no evidence, bring no charges – they can simply disappear you on a whim and keep you held for 28 days. If someone is that much of a danger to society, why the hell would it take 28 days to find enough evidence for charges?

Of course, Sentamu is familiar with this procedure. He’s seen it all before:

In an interview with ITV’s Evening News, Britain’s second most senior cleric said: “[The home secretary] has not produced the evidence that shows that in 90 days you’re capable of getting somebody prosecuted.

“Why does he want these days, so the police do what? Gather more evidence?

“To me that becomes, if you’re not very careful, very close to a police state in which they pick you up and then they say later on ‘we’ll find evidence against you’. That’s what happened in Uganda with Idi Amin.”
(Source: BBC News)

The vague suspicion of a police officer should not be enough grounds to arrest someone. The fact that it is shows that Britain is sliding from democracy to dictatorship.

In Blair’s Britain, we are all under surveillance, we are all guilty until we are proved innocent.