Where Your Tax Dollars Go

Iraq's wasted dollars

Millions of dollars in US rebuilding funds have been wasted in Iraq, US auditors say in a report which warns corruption in the country is rife.

A never-used camp in Baghdad for police trainers with an Olympic-size swimming pool is one of the examples highlighted in the quarterly audit.

Billions of budgeted dollars meanwhile remain unspent by Iraq’s government.

The report comes as President Bush is urging Congress to approve $1.2bn (£600m) in further reconstruction aid.

The audit by Stuart Bowen, the special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction (Sigir), is the latest in a regular series of updates to Congress.
(Source: BBC News)

There you go! When another annoying peacenik bleats on about your tax dollars being spent on murdering Iraqi children, you can boldly go “uh-uh” and point them at the above news article.

Yes, while there apparently isn’t enough money in the USA to give its citizens a civilised healthcare system, there’s plenty of money to build un-used swimming pools in Iraq!

And good old George isn’t done yet! No way! He wants $1.2 billion more of your tax money for his big push in Iraq. He needs to convert your hard work into more bombs to kill children with and, let’s not forget, more swimming pools.

What a fantastic president! How can anyone doubt this genius?