Mosh Derby Opening Night

Woohoo! I had a brilliant time at the opening night of Mosh Derby! Despite rumours of it being closed / burnt-down / turned into cheese, it opened on time. I was perhaps a little eager as I was first in… heh… Click the pic above for a little gallery.

The venue that used to be Moods / The Loft / The Wherehouse has been completely transformed inside. Everywhere is very swish and the fittings, PA, lighting and finishing are all top-class. Someone’s put a lot of money into this refurb, it’s not your usual club bodge-job. And everything was very, very organised.

The vibe at Mosh was very friendly and the security was also clued-in – crucial with a venue doing alternative music. I’ve seen a lot of alt nights fail because of heavy-handed security who bascially dis-respect the punters. Mosh have got it right.

It was fantastic for me to be out on a Friday night and hear perhaps only three or four chart songs the whole night. By 11.30pm, the place was absolutely rammed! I recognised a few people from other clubs but it mainly seemed to be people who don’t normally go out clubbing in Derby. Why? Because no club caters for them – it’s either Zanzibar or NME chart indie, that’s your lot. Because Mosh does cater to their tastes, they came out and supported it. Build it and they will come…

I danced till I hurt and then sat down and wheezed, like the old man I am. If you’re in or near Derby and at a loose end tonight, pop along! I may see you there! 😀