Bad Web Design Part 4341

Is there any reason, in 2007, that I should be looking at web pages like the one below?

Bad Web design

Look at all that wasted space! Look at it! GAAAAH!

I only get three hours of programme guide here when my browser could easily display nine or ten. Would it be that difficult to implement an auto-stretching layout that fetched the browser window size?


But I guess if I didn’t have to click around so much, I wouldn’t get to see all the lovely intrusive Flash ads. Which brings me back to an old, old sore point…

I wish to say, again:


If you’re a graphic designer who’s too thick or lazy to learn Java, PHP or other web programming languages, then please don’t become a web designer via horribly clunky, bloated and unstable Flash sites. Flash is anti-disabled, anti-stable and anti the whole point of the web. Flash, if it’s used at all, should only be used for little games or other trivia. Not adverts, not the main portal interface.

Rant over… for now…

This just in from roving reporter orangeacid:

Lol just read your rant about Flash on Bzangy. I hate flash too – you missed out ‘anti-semantic’ and ‘intrusive’.

As a mac-user, I presume you haven’t enjoyed the experience of using Firefox for a year and then having to use IE at other people’s houses occasionally and it stealing focus constantly. One of the few things more annoying than flash.