Heart Yeah + My Psychoanalyst

My Psychoanalyst, thrumming, shimmering loveliness.

I saw two amazing bands last night, Heart Yeah and My Psychoanalyst (there were three on but I missed the first band, sadly).

My Psych were just starting as I got there and they played a spiky, energetic set. The whole band comes together in a very powerful, dynamic way, everything just seems to sync and they do that lovely thing where they become something more than the sum of its parts. It’s hard to pigeonhole their sound, I think they’re less shoegazey than they used to be, they’re getting more aggressive and frenetic. So think of Smashing Orange crossed with Daydream Nation-era Sonic Youth and you’re getting slightly near what they currently sound like.

Heart Yeah, lords of chaos!

And then Sheffield electrofops Heart Yeah came on stage and blew up the place. Literally. A few songs into their set of immense sequenced basslines and sphincter-loosening screaming, all the bass disappeared. At first I thought this was some marvellous filter disco interlude but they’d actually killed the PA’s woofers. Undaunted, they scurried around and then finished off their set playing through borrowed amps. The mark of a great band is how they cope with technical horribleness. Heart Yeah didn’t sulk or throw a wobbly, the just got on with it and finshed the show. Excellent!

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