US Murders 4-Year-Old Boy


The US has carried out at least two air strikes in southern Somalia against Islamist fighters, who the US believes include members of an al-Qaeda cell.

Witnesses told the BBC Somali service that an area near the town of Afmadow was being bombed on Tuesday.

The area was one of those hit on Monday, with unconfirmed reports of four civilians killed in the village of Hayo.

“My 4-year-old boy was killed in the strike,” Mohamed Mahmud Burale told the BBC from the area.

More than 250 people died in the two attacks.
(Source: BBC News)

Obviously, the toddler was a dangerous Islamist. He was probably the ringleader of a cell of toddlers who were planning to launch attacks on the USA Real Soon Now.


If you study how this latest USA murder spree is being reported, it’s the usual spin. All the media are swallowing the US’ statement that they were targeting Al Quaeda. What proof has the US presented?


Or, more accurately, as much proof as they offered when they invaded Iraq and, with the aid of the UK and other collaborators in evil, murdered 655,000 Iraqis.

Do you trust what the US government or military says? Would you like them to carry out one of their “precision surgical strikes” on your home town, given their track record for lying and appalling targeting?

The truth is that the US government doesn’t care about human life. It doesn’t care about the lives of the US soliders it sends out to die in its oil wars and it certainly doesn’t care about the lives of the people it kills in its worldwide imperial campaign.

The USA does exactly what it wants to and no country dares criticise or stand up to it. Welcome to the New American Century.

Me? I’m waiting for Ridley Scott or some other cunt to make a really cool action film of the whole event, showing the plucky US troops triumphing over hordes of evil Islamist Somalis.