Guantanamo “Abominable”

David Hicks, held without trial in Guantanamo

Australia’s chief military prosecutor has described as “abominable” the treatment of an Australian man detained at Guantanamo Bay.

Brigadier Lyn McDade said David Hicks – who has been at the US detention centre in Cuba for five years – was entitled to a fair trial as soon as possible.
(Source: BBC News)

Five years.

Five years without trial, without any form of charges being brought. Five years in a torture camp run by the USA.

If this was a Chinese prison, their would calls for the UN to impose sanctions. We’d see Blair on telly doing his stern, concerned voice and talking about inviolable human rights.

Since it’s a crime being carried out by the USA… nothing.

More evidence that the morality of politicians is easily bought with oil and favours.

Lyn McDade, who became the first director of military prosecutions to the new Australian Military Court in July, was categorical when asked about Mr Hick’s treatment.

“Abominable,” she told the Sydney Morning Herald. “Quite frankly, I think it’s wrong.

“I don’t care what he’s done or alleged to have done. I think he’s entitled to a trial and a fair one and he is entitled to be charged and dealt with as quickly as is possible. As is anybody,” she said.
(Source: BBC News)

How long will the US government continue these crimes against humanity with no intervention, no consequences whatsoever? This is barbarism, pure and simple.