Year: 2007

  • Albums Of The Year 2007

    Oh groinkers! It’s taken me bastard hours to compile my best-of list this year! Why? Because 2007 was a great year for new music! 😀 I’ve whittled this list down to from around ninety albums to fifty. I had to make some very painful cuts to get it down to that number. Really. 🙁 So,…

  • Mosh 29/12/07

    Well, last night was my last night out in 2007. And I had a good dance about, seeing the year out properly. Click the pic for the last clubbing gallery this year! 🙂

  • Blue Note 27/12/07

    Ahhh… dancing to Public Enemy *and* Funkdoobiest *and* Refused in the same hour? That’s the wonder of the Bluey… Click the pic for some snaps! 😀

  • MySpace On The Rocks, Hopefully

    Darth Murdoch, giving another speech on why Iraqis need to be slaughtered… MySpace is running out of breath, while Bebo and Facebook are fast catching up. That’s the message from the latest figures on social networking in Britain. MySpace has long been the leading site for young networkers who want to run their social lives…

  • Crimbo Pengies Say ‘Merry Christmas!’

    Well, it’s Christmas Eve and I’m feeling Christmassy. And so are the Crimbo Pengies, in their tiny shelter under the equally tiny tree. Click the pic for more tinselly fluff!

  • Blue Note 19/12/07

    Ahhh, what a marvellous night out for only a quid! It was quite bizarre seeing the Bluey so full on a Wednesday, you can certainly tell the Crimbo effect is kicking in. Click the pic for a gallery of foolishness! 😀

  • The Myth Of The Free Market, AGAIN

    Prime Minister Gordon Brown has said no options had been ruled out when it comes to stricken bank Northern Rock – including nationalisation. Mr Brown faces calls to nationalise the bank whose aid package from public funds is now estimated at £57bn. He said they still hoped for a sale to a private company but…

  • Assorted December ’07 Clubbing

    Click the pic for an assortment of festive season clubbing shots!

  • Elenette At Debaser Slussen

    Click the pic for an Elenette gallery! If you’re a regular Bzangy reader, you might remember this review. Well, I was lucky enough to see Elenette live while I was in Sweden, at Debaser Slussen on the night before we came home. It was a great gig! They played like bastards and went down very…

  • The Pastels, Taken By Trees

    Then, on Friday 7th, we were out again! This time to see the fabulous Pastels and Taken By Trees at Debaser Medis (themed drinks pictured above). We’d popped by early to see if anyone was about and The Pastels had just finished soundchecking. Stephen very kindly took pity on our poor, wizened, weather-beaten faces and…

  • Elmo, Movits!, Ludvig Svartholm

    On Thursday 6th, we toddled down to Debaser Slussen (pic above and click it for a gallery of the venue and area). We had no idea who was playing, we just wanted to get out of the hotel and see some bands. So, we were very chuffed to see not one but three cool acts!…

  • Baba Sonic, Stockholm

    On Wednesday the 5th, we shook a leg at the remarkably loud Baba Sonic club. We met these lovely people: The girl taking pics says hello by thumping one on the arm. Quite hard! 🙂 And then we spotted this feller: How can you not like a club with a resident croupier? 🙂 He was…

  • Slussen By Night

    Stockholm at night is a wildly pretty place. Whether it’s looking out across the harbour, like above. Or just gazing at passing trains: Click any of the pics for a gallery of twinkly lights and orangey transport!

  • Slussen Saluhall

    One of the places we wandered into by accident was Slussen Saluhall. Perhaps it was the decorations or the darkness or the sparkly lights but I felt I’d wandered into some kind of secret Santa grotto! Click the pic for spangliness!

  • Stockholm City Lights

    We spent a long time wandering round Stockholm in the dark, bumping into things. Click the pic to see some the things with which we collided!

  • Stockholm Day

    Ahhh, Stockholm! A beautiful city but perhaps not great for daytime shots in December! 🙂 Click the pic to see the rather grey gallery!

  • Hej Hej Stockholm!

    Photo by Mattias Cosy Den Last week, I played at Landet, Stockholm. And it was excellent! The gig was organised by Cosy Den (thank you, Mattias!) and I again had the privilege of playing with the urbane and debonair Erik Halldén: Landet is a wonderfully intimate and cosy venue but it’s also got great…

  • Evel Knievel’s Greatest Leap

    Legendary US daredevil Evel Knievel has died at the age of 69, his granddaughter has said. Knievel had suffered ill-health, including diabetes and pulmonary fibrosis – an incurable lung condition – for several years. He underwent a liver transplant, after nearly dying of hepatitis C, in 1999. Knievel gained cult status performing death-defying stunts in…

  • Kitteh Kneads Chaser

    Phew! I realised the last few posts were distinctly angry / sad. This is wearing me out so it must also be rather taxing you, gentle reader. Perhaps the above video will calm us both down. Via Cute Overload. Ready? Hit ‘play’ and prepare to go ‘awwww.’ Isn’t the big one remarkably patient? 😀

  • Australia To Withdraw From Iraq

    PM-elect, Kevin Rudd Australia’s prime minister-elect says the country’s 550 combat troops will leave Iraq by the middle of 2008. Under Mr Howard Australia was a keen supporter of the US-led invasion and made an early troop commitment. Labor Party leader Kevin Rudd came to power in a landslide election victory on Saturday. He has…