When WMDs Are GOOD!

Tony Blair, earlier today.

This in via roving reporter, Paul Sellars:

Tony Blair has told MPs it would be “unwise and dangerous” for the UK to give up its nuclear weapons.

The prime minister outlined plans to spend up to £20bn on a new generation of submarines for Trident missiles.

Mr Blair said although the Cold War had ended the UK needed nuclear weapons as no-one could be sure another nuclear threat would not emerge in the future.
(Source: BBC News)

So, when we have the WMDs, that’s good! Anyone else – that’s bad! Never mind that these weapons are madness made metal, weapons so dreadful that their use would kill us along with any enemy.

But I guess Blair approves of this form of suicide bombing.

I love the way Butcher Blair thinks that some threat may turn up in the future and therefore it’s worth spending 65 THOUSAND MILLION POUNDS on countering this non-existent enemy.

There’s always money for war. And MPs.

But hospitals? Education? Public transport? Come off it – those aren’t priorities! What would you rather spend your taxes on, decent trains or some missiles that will poison the earth for thousands of years?

There’s only one response to Butcher Blair’s insane outburst:

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I joined, for the first time in my life, a couple of weeks ago. I recommend you do the same before the mad fuckers blow us all to hell.

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Why Politicians Are Cunts Part 8,192

Insert joke about Guy Fawkes here.

MPs want a 66 per cent pay increase that will take their salaries to £100,000, reports last night claimed.

Labour backbenchers have written to the independent body that sets pay demanding their annual pay – currently £60,277 – be raised to put them in line with GPs, according to the The Sunday Times. The Conservatives have submitted their pay proposal though the 1922 Committee that represents Tory backbenchers.

A rise in MPs’ basic salary to £100,000 would increase the bill to taxpayers from £39m to £65m a year.
(Source: The Independent)

So, while public-sector workers are told there isn’t enough money for them and that they should tighten their belts, MPs believe they’re worth 66% more. Yep, that £26 million shouldn’t be put into education or the NHS or housing the homeless, it should be put in the already bulging pockets of our government. Maybe they want to goldplate their driveways or something?

How about we take a vote on this?

That would be the democratic solution, rather than the politicians just helping themselves to our taxes like the fuckers always do. I bet a referendum on this issue wouldn’t be in favour of a pay rise. In fact, I’m pretty sure the opposite would be preferred.

But humour me. As a test, say the following to people you meet today:

“Our MPs do an awful lot of work, you know? I really think they need a 66% pay rise, don’t you?”

And let’s see how in touch with the Great British Public our wonderful MPs are.