In Hospital

In Hospital

If you’re a regular Groinker, you might have noticed that I’ve been in quite bad pain with severe parotitis since the middle of November. Hence progressively more deranged pain-related artwork. 🙂

Last Monday I was emergency admitted into hospital for possible surgery. I came out yesterday, thankfully no surgery necessary (the antibiotics worked).

It was a quite terrifying experience but I’m back at home now with a nice cup of tea. All the staff at the DRI were lovely but I have to single out the nurses, all of them were absolute gems. I know it’s a cliche but they do such a difficult job for so little pay compared to some bastards I could mention.

Anyone who knows me personally knows what a whinger I am, I’m a terrible patient but the nurses dealt with me perfectly, re-assuring me and humouring my stupid questions.

Hope you’re all happy and healthy! Now to try and catch up with my derailed Crimbo shopping! 😀 Whoops! My mrs. just reminded me that I’m meant to take it very slowly for at least two weeks, according to the consultant. Dang, that means I’ll miss the Christmas shopping crowds…. ah well! ;-P