Our Gift To Iraq

“It’s appalling that, despite the well-documented problems with cluster weapons, the US and UK are dropping them on Iraq,” Andrew Purkis, chief executive of the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund said in a statement.

“We urge people to join our campaign to put pressure on governments to take responsibility for the clear up of these indiscriminate weapons of war. Until then, cluster bombs must not be used.”

(Source: The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund.)

Delicious Library

Delicious Library DVDs

I had a mate round recently and showed him Delicious Library. Like me, he’s into films and video games and, like me, he has a somewhat burgeoning collection.

Okay – I admit it. In the past, I’ve bought the same DVD twice because I forgot I already owned it. But hey, with 270+ DVDs, that’s quite an easy mistake to make.

Now, I don’t worry because I’ve entered all my DVDs into Delicious Library. That’s a screengrab of how DL displays them, above. I love the way it grabs pics from Amazon and then renders them in little cases. 🙂

Here’s a screengrab with the DVDs a little smaller:

Delicious Library DVDs

It isn’t as laborious a task as it sounds since DL lets you use a webcam to scan the barcodes on items and then, SHAZAM!, they’re automagically imported. I wish I’d done this weeks ago, certainly would have been a lot less hassle flicking through DL’s virtual shelves on film nights rather than hunting through folders of DVDs.

Guess what? DL also tracks books:

Delicious Library Books

And CDs:

Delicious Library CDs

And, of course, games:

Delicious Library Games

If you’re a collector and a Mac user, it’s twenty quid well-spent! 🙂