Test Your Musical Ear(s)

Musical Aptitude test

I’ve loved Jake Mandell’s music for years now. He’s always produced startling, innovative music while never losing sight of melody or form. ‘Parallel Processes,’ the first album I heard by him, is a classic electronic record. If you like electronic music even slightly, it’s one you have to have in your collection.

So I was surprised to find his name attached to the musicial aptitude test above. At first I thought it was a different bloke. Then, maybe a joke or some elaborate promo device for a new album? But, so far, it seems to be kosher. Jake is apparently now studying to be a doctor, which could explain why his musical output has been more sporadic lately 🙂

Have a go at the test – it’s fun! But you need to be in a quiet environment or use headphones or you’ll never hear some of the nuances.

What did I get? Well, sadly I’m not a world-class musician but I didn’t do too badly:

Jyoti's musical aptitude results

77.8%… looks like I picked the right career! 🙂

Take the test by clicking here.