Imeem 1, YouTube 0

Above is a film I made around 1989/90 to accompany the debut White Town single. It’s very rough: it was shot on Super 8 and edited by me with a razor blade and some sellotape.

Because of the poor quality and even worse transfer to VHS, it’s a flickery, fuzzy, grainy, hairy wall of visual noise. But, nevertheless, I decided to upload it onto YouTube as I find it charming. It’s also historical in that it features a drive around a Derby that’s long gone now, including shots of BPM, The Dial and a drive around the market place. You know, where we used to catch buses to Wilmorton on freezing wintry mornings.

So, I uploaded it… and YouTube mangled it. The compression they use couldn’t cope with all the noise and the result was something that was hugely blocky and pixellated. I tried again another four times, uploading different formats and different data rates. Made no bleeding difference.

Around an hour ago, I thought I might as well see how badly imeem mangled the vid. So I uploaded it and… it worked! If you click the pic above, you’ll see my film in its grainy, shitty glory, slightly compressed but watchable. Unlike the fly’s-eye view that YouTube morphed it into.

So, if you’ve got any troublesome vids that don’t seem to be at all happy on YouTube, give imeem a try!