Greenpeace Vs. MacExpo

Greenpeace expelled from MacExpo

Greenpeace has responded to being ejected from the MacExpo in London saying it was “a totally over-the-top reaction”.

Speaking to Macworld, Zeina Al-Hajj, Greenpeace International Toxics Campaign said: “We registered as an environmental NGO (non governmental organisation) called Green My Apple, so it’s not like we were hiding anything”.

The MacExpo event management also told Macworld that they had no problem with Greenpeace’s message, but according to Zeina that also was not the case: “We had this parody of the Mac advert. We had a photo of the design guy on the stand and we were asking people if they wanted to hug him. We were told not to do this.”

The Greenpeace exhibitor also claims the management told them they could not wear their T-shirts as they walked around the event: “The T-shirt was black with the shape of a woman blowing a kiss to an apple and it said ‘I love my Apple I just wish it became green’. On the back it had the URL for the campaign.” They told us “you can’t wear that, it was ridiculous – we couldn’t even go to the toilet”.
(Source: MacWorld)

I’m typing this on a (recently outdated) Macbook Pro. My wife uses a Powerbook and there’s a G5 Powermac in my studio.

I think it’s fair to say we’re a Mac-centric household. Since I switched, back in ’97, I’ve bought six Apple computers. Some of the early ones are now living happy lives, passed on to friends and relatives: that’s my form of recycling. After all, if a Mac works, it just works. It’s not as if it’s going to catch any viruses or suddenly be too slow to check email.

But I am puzzled that Apple hasn’t embraced Greenpeace’s more conventional recycling campaign.

How is it that Dell offers to pick up and recycle / safely dispose of its old computers but Apple doesn’t?

C’mon! This is Apple – it’s meant to be ahead of the PC vendors, not dragging its heels way behind.

I still love using Apple computers but I’m not so in love with their intransigence concerning the environment.

The way that MacExpo treated Greenpeace is shameful and shortsighted. Inevitably, that shabby treatment rubs off on Apple. It makes them seem like every other big corporation, trying to brush eco activists away under the carpet.

Just think of every new revision of iPod. How quickly the previous generation looks old and ugly compared to the shiny novelty. Even though they’re perfectly functional, they get discarded as upgrades are bought. Think of all those batteries, full of nasty metals. How many aren’t disposed of safely? This is Apple’s responsibility to deal with: they make the potentially polluting devices, they should deal with the consequences.

Come on, Apple! Sort it out!