Billie The Vision & The Dancers

Billie The Vision & The Dancers

If you’ve looked at my page lately, you’ll see that I’ve been listening to a lot of Billie The Vision & The Dancers. I heard about them when I was gigging in Scandinavia, people with impeccable taste were telling me that I should check them out.

So, I ordered their CD ‘I was so unpopular in school and now they’re giving me this beautiful bicycle’ online and when it arrived, I fell in love with their music.

They sound like the first Aberfeldy album colliding with elements of Jonathan Richman, all layered with that pure pop sense that (currently) only Scandinavian bands have. The instant ‘Summercat’ came out of my speakers, I knew I’d found another band to love. They have the crucial combination of poppy music with very, very good lyrics. I couldn’t imagine any contemporary British band coming up with anything as simple, passionate or heartfelt as ‘Noble Square.’

They’re great pop music!

You can download the whole of that album for free and their last one too by clicking here. Yep, they’re giving away this lovely music for free on their website. But, if you can afford it, please dig into your pocket and buy their CDs. If you don’t, maybe they won’t be able to carry making such lovely songs?

In the meantime, download their music, push all the furniture back in your sitting room and get ready to dance! 🙂