Stats White Town airplay

Regular readers will know that I’m something of a stats hound. Whether it’s Google Analytics or YouTube times viewed, I love ’em!

Well, now I can spy on stats for who’s listening to my band, courtesy of

And the results are surprising! Look at the graph above, it’s for the last six months. Why the huge spike at the end, hmmm? It’s too early to be the new album. Maybe it’s people who saw me when I was gigging in Finland and Sweden and have decided to check more of my stuff out? Perhaps lots more people have joined so, proportionally, my listenership hasn’t changed even if the absolute numbers have grown.

Now, bear in mind that these are statistics. And, of course, all statistics are shaky once you start extrapolating too much from them. For a start, users are geekier than average and prefer more alternative music than average. Have a look at the overall charts to see what I mean.

But I’m still surprised my listens have gone up. Now to try and work out why! 😀