US Guards Brag About Torture

Guantanamo Human Rights Violation

As the US rejected fresh British government criticism of Guantanamo Bay, an American soldier has made new charges that military guards brutally treated inmates at the controversial top security prison for terrorist suspects in south-eastern Cuba.

In a sworn affidavit, Heather Cerveny, a 23-year-old Marine Corps sergeant, says she met several prison guards at a club on the base where they told her over drinks of harsh abuse of detainees, she said the guards claimed the abuse was both commonplace and justified.
(Source: The Independent)

Remember, none of the “prisoners” in Guantanamo have ever been charged with anything. They’ve had no trial, no representation. And some of them are children as young as 14. They’ve been kidnapped by US forces and held illegally, some for over four years.

Please click here for Amnesty International’s report on Guantanamo.

I won’t quote the tortures carried out on these innocent people, they’ll all in the article linked at the top of this post. It makes me feel too ill to quote them on here.

But I would ask you this: how is it that this illegal imprisonment and torture camp has now been in business for half a decade? Why do the “civilised” governments of the world do nothing?

And when did the US legal system move from “innocent until proven guilty” to “guilty until proven innocent?”

Whether it’s modern China or North Korea, the old Soviet Union or modern America, we cannot allow governments to kidnap and torture people as and when they feel like it.

Who’s next? You?