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Bucher Blair
This man, not Hussein, now holds the title ‘The Butcher Of Baghdad.’

The past few weeks have seen a fiesta of these rational, liberal people who dominate British mainstream politics. For them, the most basic forms of morality and shame, the kind you learn as a child, have no place in public life. On Sept. 27, the Guardian published a front-page photograph of Tony Blair, a prima facie war criminal, his arms outstretched, his grin fixed. Beside this was a headline, “Charm and eloquence. But a missed chance.” Beneath this, Polly Toynbee wrote: “There were some damp eyes dabbed with hankies and men blowing noses. ‘Don’t go,’ someone said.”
(Source: Antiwar.com)

Every dictator, every war criminal can only reach that status with a lot of support. Men like Hussein, Milosevic and Blair aren’t travelling murderers like Bin Laden. They only achieved those murder rates because they were supported by state apparatus and whitewashed by a tame media.

Blair has Toynbee, telling us to “grit our teeth” and vote for a mass murderer, Hussein and Milosevic will have had their own pet hacks, just as Hitler did.

It’s the job of a tame media to skew the world, to present a perspective which makes its master’s actions seem lofty and trivialise (or disappear) any victims of those processes.

How else do you explain the way that our media isn’t bellowing about the 655,000 Iraqis we’ve murdered?

Okay, partly it’s because it only cares when British people are killed. It doesn’t really care about human life, it cares about British life.

In Britain, we had a two minute silence to mark the murder of 54 innocent Londoners killed by terrorists. In Iraq, we’ve murdered 12,130 as many people. So, perhaps we should have a televised slience in proportion? If we really care about human life?

But then we’d have to stand in silence for 404 hours. We’d have to have a 17-day silence if we cared as much about the murder of Iraqis as we do about the murder of Britons.

I don’t see this happening. The death report only came out yesterday and already it’s old news for us. Our media simply doesn’t care, doesn’t want to hear about all the Iraqis we’ve murdered. That’s boring, it’s old news!

Look, Jade’s been on a diet! Beckham wants more kids! THAT’S NEWS!

That’s what our marvellous, un-biased media has decided the great British public wants to hear about…

Please read the whole of the John Pilger article, linked at the top. He’s exactly on-target, as always.