Highly Illogical

Miniature model of the Enterprise-D at Christie's auction house, New York

A model of the Starship Enterprise has sold for $576,000 (£308,000) at an auction of memorabilia from 40 years of the science fiction television series.

Before the sale, Christie’s auction house in New York estimated the model would sell for about $30,000 (£16,000).

The 78-inch-long (198cm) miniature of the Enterprise-D, used in the title sequences of Star Trek: The Next Generation, made its TV debut in 1987.

More than 1,000 Star Trek items were sold over three days at the auction.

(Source: BBC NEWS)

Look, I love Trek as much as the next, er, Trekkie… but £308,000?


Whoever bought that must be one filthy-rich, insane ubergeek!