Geeking Around With Greasemonkey

Last FM Greasemonkey scripts

I’ve used Camino for ages but yesterday I switched back to Firefox because of Greasemonkey.

And today I’ve gone GREASEMONKEY MAAAAD!

There are so many handy little scripts that make the sites I use much more fun. Look at the pic of above. Since installing a few Greasemonkey scripts, I can now see if I’m the top fan of an artist, rankings for my charts and loads of other useful little tweaks. As you can see, Sibiria have gone up eight chart places whereas Tom Paxton has dropped four. Notice that I’m also the eighth top fan of Paxton on If you’re as fascinated by stats as I am, tiny bits of info like that will make you grin all day.

Flickr Greasemonkey scripts

And, yep, there’s loads of scripts to enhance Flickr too. Easier ways to send pics to people, popups on favourites, quicklinks, changes to the layout – loads! I hope that the Flickr designers take some of these features on board as they make it so much easier to navigate.

I’m off now to see what else I can dig up! 🙂