Emergency National Protest

05/08/2006 02:03 PM

Oh well… another huge national demo, another pack of lies from the police. Don’t they realise that the more they lie, the more they erode any remaining confidence the public may have in them? So, let me take the official police number of 20,000 and say, based on previous marches, that it felt far more like 100,000 to me. Maybe more.

There was a bit of argy-bargy outside Downing Street as people had taken along childrens’ shoes to symbolise the kids being killed in the conflict. I think they planned some kind of delivery but when that wasn’t allowed, they settled for throwing them at the entrance to Downing Street, which the cops didn’t like at all.

I thought the best speaker at the rally was Tony Benn, who emphasised the lives being lost every day in the attack on Lebanon. That was the whole point of the demonstration: to demand an immediate cease-fire from Israel. Too many of the other speakers had their own agendas, none of which I support.

I didn’t get as many good pics of the demo as usual because it was absolutely boiling and I got very knackered on the march. My hands swelled up rather alarmingly at one point, Hulk-style. Click the above pic for a full gallery (er, not of my hands, of the demo).