US Soldiers’ War Porn

Images I have seen recently include a close up of a suicide bomber exploding in two, an insurgent being shot through the head by an American sniper, full scale firefights between US patrols and insurgents plus endless images of body parts scattered about in the aftermath of the latest bomb explosion.

This footage is often supported by a running commentary of “awesome” and suchlike from the cameraman who has literally strapped a digital camera onto his helmet or gun barrel and shot the video while he was shooting insurgents.

One filmmaker compared his material with a video game: “you’re stepped away from reality … you’re seeing it through the camera lens.”

Another said it was the only way he could feel proud of his work, “like a big game hunter feels proud of his kills”
(Source: The Guardian)

For “insurgent” above, read “innocent Iraqi.”

The above is an example of how to turn ordinary humans into psychopaths. A tiny minority of us are born that way, some of us are trained to the mindset. Is it surprising that we then begin to normalise and celebrate our murders, like the soldiers above?

It also shows how Iraqis aren’t even humans any more in the eyes of many of the US invaders. They’re animals to these soldiers. The soldiers invade their country, bomb their cities flat, slaughtering women and children in their “liberation” and then take video footage of the innocents they torture and kill.

And then they post these clips on the internet, to show how proud they are of their unfeeling slaughter. They find it funny or “awesome” that they’re part of an illegal invasion that’s decimated a country and left it in tatters, killing over 100,000 of its citizens. Saddam Hussein was a beginner at murder compared to the US invasion force.

If you believe at all in karma, what is the USA storing up for its future?

A Message From Lebanon

Message From Lebanon

If you have the stomach for it, click here to see how Israel is murdering innocents in Lebanon, with the full support of the US and UK. In fact with only the support of the US and UK.

At least 100 GBU-28 ‘bunker-buster’ bombs containing depleted uranium warheads have been rushed to Israel by the US for use against targets in Lebanon. The bombs were delivered via Prestwick airport in Britain.
(Source: Stop The War)

Here are two pictures of Beirut, before and after Israel’s illegal attacks:

Beirut Before And After

And, if you’re left feeling angry and impotent by the above horror, all being condoned by our government and smiling Butcher Blair, here’s what you can do about it:

Stop The Attacks On Lebanon

Remember, if enough people marched tomorrow, more Labour politicians would come out against Blair. Blair should be kicked out of Number 10 and placed in a jail cell for his murder of Iraqis and supporting the current campaign against Lebanon.